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WHMCS Addons & Modules

  • WS Client Deletion 1.1.0

    €40.00EUR Une fois
    • With this addon module you can easily delete multiple WHMCS clients and also you can choose which clients to delete Active, Inactive or Closed clients. You can now choose to delete the whole until accounts like Attachment and Ticket

      Make your life easy.
  • WS Uptime Status 1.4.0

    • If you're using UptimeDoctor.com, HyperSpin.com or Pinguzo.com to monitor your websites/servers - that's great - now you can show your server statuses on your site. Your clients can see whether the server is up right from network status. This is a good module for all hosting companies that use UptimeDoctor / HyperSpin / Pinguzo monitoring service to display status of server to the public or to their clients.

      If you're not using UptimeDoctor / HyperSpin / Pinguzo - well, you're missing out!